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  • Full Service Production

    First of all we create video productions – creative scripting, shooting, editing, graphics, music etc – for clients all over the world. We use cutting edge technology to deliver the great production quality and creativity that underpins all our work. But we don’t stop there… Get a flavour for our work, have a look at our latest showreel.

  •  Campaign Development

    The best films come from the best ideas – and the best ideas come from great insight. We work hard to ‘get you’ and translate that into powerful brand equities, and in turn compelling ideas that feed campaigns across all mediums, especially beautiful films.

  •  Strategic & Tactical Use of Video

    We can also help you get the most value out of your video assets from a strategic and tactical perspective. This can range from broad advice – how video can be used most effectively within your wider marketing objectives, to more specific tactical uses such as Video SEO, interactive content, measurement, video ad units, social media and viral content.

    Promotional videos

    The best promotional videos put a human face to entrepreneurial ambitions and drive an emotional bonding between commerce and the human race. An estimated 45% of businesses deploy promotional videos on their websites to explain products and services. Such actions stem from the belief that a promotional video represents an effective marketing tool; for instance, a promotional video may explain how a product or service helps to improve the quality of life for its customers. This comprises the essence of the promotional video.

    A new commercial operator in a certain market may commission the creation of promotional videos to introduce itself. The video can have several segments that, inter alia, educate viewers and audiences on the operator's history, showcase its strong leadership, offer product demonstrations, etc. In essence, the promotional video must encourage the creation of an ongoing dialogue between audiences and the sponsor of the video.

    Companies that wish to launch a new product line may deploy professionally crafted and packaged promotional videos. The makers of such videos must include high quality visuals of the product line while off-screen narrators explain the outstanding attributes of the same. An effective strategy must be fashioned to (digitally) disperse said video to the maximum number of viewers through email, social media, and assorted online platforms.

    The makers of promotional videos must position real persons in the visual component of these digital artifacts. This technique allows viewers audiences to connect with the message positioned inside the video. The customers, vendors, suppliers, executives, and officers that animate a business must feature in the promotional video to boost its relatable quotient. The human element allows an average promotional video to achieve an outstanding impact.

    Mobile audiences represent a large section of digital consumers in the present day. The makers of promotional videos must bear this in mind and fine tune their video creations for consumption by mobile consumers. This strategy is brilliant because it empowers each member of the mobile audience to share the promotional video with their friends, co-workers, associates, etc. This method of wide dispersal is practically free of additional costs for the sponsor of the video. Such practices also ensure that a promotional video gains deep traction among modern audiences.

    Skills And Capabilities

    Idea Generation

    Creative ideas sit behind all of our productions but are only effective if they are answering an objective in the brief. When we're concepting and developing our creative ideas, we're always interrogating them and testing them against the brief and target audience. We make sure that as well as being enjoyable, dynamic and engaging to watch, the video delivers on it's marketing objectives.Whether we're idea generating for viral marketing campaigns, charity videos, brand videos or developing a new animation style, our creative team are always looking to exceed expectations and create something that elevates your brand.

    Skills And Capabilities


    The script is a vital part of each and every production. It's the blueprint for the production and should convey the finished video on paper. Scripting is vital to ensure that your marketing messages are realised in the final video. It's also a chance to establish the creative approach and style that will best tell your story and engage the viewer.

    Skills And Capabilities

    The Process

    For complex visual sequences and animations we create storyboards that map out the video shot by shot. Also, for interview led case studies or testimonials, scripting comes in the form of carefully devised questions which are designed to solicit the right responses from the interviewee.

    Skills And Capabilities


    There are many different ways to shoot a video and at TESSERAC we're always led by a clear marketing brief, a thorough script and the expertise of our creative team to make sure every shot is telling the right story and positively reflects your brand.At TESSERAC we're extremely versatile and can provide simple, non intrusive 2-3 man crews for a smaller shoots as well as full scale production crews of 20 or more. Filming is just one small aspect of what we do for our clients. Have a look around the site to discover more. To get a feel for our production qualities, please see our showreel.

    Skills And Capabilities

    Motion Graphics

    Slick, stylish and on-brand, motion graphics offer endless possibilities and are perfect for adding visual flair to your video, helping tell your story. Whether as part of 3D animations, as animated typography or as simple name captions, motion graphics can elevate your video and provide a really high end level of finish.

    Skills And Capabilities

    Sound and Music

    Sound and music play a huge part in bringing a video production to life. It's an area that is often overlooked but something that we at Tesserac pay great attention to. The right piece of music, ambient soundtrack or sound design/FX can transform your video and elevate it to the next level. Sound and music are just one of many elements in the post-production process.

    Skills And Capabilities


    Once the shoot has taken place, our in-house editors will set to work cutting the footage to best tell your marketing story. Whether it's editing a fast paced intro for a company video or carefully piecing together an interview for a video case study, our editors adapt their style accordingly & varying tempos, rhythms and providing structure.

    Skills And Capabilities

    Complete Post-Production Workflows

    Editing is just one part of the post-production process and is often worked on in parallel with motion graphic and sound and music design. During post-production we always build client review opportunities at every key stage.

    Skills And Capabilities

    3D Animation, Special FX and Motion Graphics

    Whether your goal is to visually demonstrate the mechanics and functionality of a product or to wow your audience with a visual spectacle, photo-real 3D animation opens up a whole host of opportunities for you. You can see some examples of 3D animation and special FX in our showreel. For more information or guidance, just get in touch.

    Skills And Capabilities

    Colour Grading

    Colour grading is one of the final steps in the production process. It’s the icing on the cake! In colour grading we have precise control over colour, contrast and brightness so we can enhance the visual quality of your video. Used in a stylistic way, a unique colour grade can also add another dimension to your video – helping to create a mood and reflect a brand identity.


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